Fiber Fix

Natural Hair Building Fibers

Haarverzorging bij haaruitval of bij dun haar waardoor de hoofdhuid zichtbaar is. Snel veel dikker haar met deze FiberFix set

What it is, what it does and for Whom...

Happy na gebruik van FiberFix Hair building fibers voor dikker haar en een VHP styling borstel uit onze accessoires in haar hand
Hair building fibers
Beeld van een blije veertiger die ons haarproduct onderdeel heeft gemaakt van zijn persoonlijke verzorging

Thicker Hair and more Confidence!

FiberFix quickly changes fine hair, thin hair and balding spots into fuller and thicker hair.

Haarproducten zoals FiberFix zorgen ervoor dat ook deze dame snel weer van dikker en voller haar kan genieten

Great and Handy Tools

for a perfect result!

Stop sprinkling and use this handy Spray Applicator that makes the Hair Building Fibers packaging “sprayable”. Just screw on the container.

The pocket-sized Quick Retoucher, with compressed Hair Building Fibers inside, is great for on the go. Equipped with an application sponge at the bottom of the product and a mirror in the lid

Creating a natural hairline becomes a piece of cake with this amazing tool. Hold the Natural Hairline Creator just below the hairline then apply the Hair Building Fibers.

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FAQ About FiberFix

Ofcourse this depends on the frequecny and quantity of use but on average a container lastst 3-4 months.

The FiberFix Hair Building Fibers will stay in place until you wash your hair with shampoo.

No, FiberFix is a natural product and not harmful. The fibers are still very large compared to the molecules that can get into the pores of the skin and therefore that does not happen.

When you wash your hair with shampoo you will wash off the hair building fibers.

FiberFix hair fibers are made of 100% natural cotton and contain no added dyes.

FiberFix Hair Building Fibers, de meest complete set met 20 euro korting. Nu kan ook jij je haar stylen zoals je dat gewend was

Fiber Fix Set

Complete Hair Building Fiber Set

$ 79.95 $ 59.95

All you need in 1 set! Hair Building Fibers 25 gram + pocket-size retoucher + Fixate Hairspray + Easy applicator + Natural Hairline Creator. Order Now and save € 20.00

Fix Hairloss and thin hair immediately with this Creators Set. With help of VHP Fiberfix Hair Building fibers you too can create the full and thick hairlook that makes you appear years younger. 

Special Offer!

Hair Building Fibers

$ 20 !!

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