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See How VHP Hair MakeUp works!

Volume Hair Plus; The Boost for Thicker and Fuller Hair!

There is NO other hairproduct that gives so much volume to your hair as Volume Hair Plus Hair MakeUp.

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What Our Customers Say

Joyce D.
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I am so happy with this product!! Around the age of 35 I had a lot of hair loss due to a combination of stress and hormones, partly got my hair back but that thin haired spot on the front remained. This product makes it invisible. Incredible. Thank you so much!
Mr. Hendrick K
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Because of my job I get in touch with others a lot and want to look good. I use the spray for a pretty big balding spot on the back of my head and the result is amazing. The balding spot is gone... what a wonderful feeling... Great!
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Dear employee, yesterday I received my Volume Hair Plus order and tried it right away. The result is very nice. Best regards, Michel
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For years I felt unhappy because hair loss and thin hair made my scalp clearly visible. A friend advised me to try your hair product and I was really stunned because it gave me thicker hair again. Thicker and fuller than ever! What a great product!!
Marie Louise
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I feel so good and no longer insecure now that I use the hairspray in my hair color dark brown. Yesterday I got a huge compliment from my sister. She was working in her shop and saw me walking across the street and immediately noticed that my hair was much fuller and there was no shine through anymore. This made me so happy!
Mrs. R
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I'm super enthusiastic! I didn't mind getting older, but I really disliked the wide hair separation making my scalp so visible. I tried Volume Hair Plus and was astonished with the result. The obvious hair separation was no longer visible and my hair shows thicker and fuller than ever.... It's a great product.

FAQ About Hair Makeup

Choose the color that resembles your own hair color the most. In case of doubt, always choose a darker teint. 

No, the spray is cosmetic, dermatologically tested and 100% safe.

Ofcourse this is depending on the frequency and amount of use. But on average, a spray can lastst 2  months

Yes, that is no problem at all.

The Volume Hair Plus spray can easily be washed-off with lukewarm water and some soap.

Yes, that is no problem.  However, because many people twist and wobble during sleep, there is a chance that powder will come loose on the pillow. To avoid this, a dark-colored towel can be placed on the pillowcase.

Haarverzorging van Dun Haar met VHP Fiber spray

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